A new start up is bringing medical marijuana to the meal-kit delivery industry. These meal-delivery services have blown up over the last couple of years to a multi-billion-dollar i industry. The brand Blue Apron made over 750 million last year alone.


Cannabis infused edibles have been around forever

Today you can purchase anything from medical brownies to lollipops to even soda, in states like Colorado. While the popularity of meal kits and marijuana is rising, only a handful of companies have tried to take advantage.


The Baking Supply Co. is looking to take advantage and capitalize on this opportunity.

Currently, they only provide meal kits to customers, not the actual cannabis. Due to the legal complications of sending marijuana through the mail, The Baking Supply Co. cannot infuse their meals with marijuana. However, laws prohibiting marijuana use have radically changed in recent years and the future looks optimistic. Once it’s possible, The Baking Supply Co. will be the first to do it.


The start-up plans to promote healthy snack boxes that will attract the likes of patients looking for an alternative to sugary, sweet marijuana edibles. The idea is to create baking kits that are healthy, nutrient packed, yet still pack the punch of your usual edible.


On August 15th, The Baking Supply Co. initiated their 40-day campaign to bring their baking kits to stores. It has been just over a week since their launch and the start-up has raised over 20% of their target goal, meaning they are on track to hit it in less than 40 days.


Anybody can donate and contribute to the success of The Baking Supply Co. Donors who contribute a certain amount will receive some pretty interesting perks for their efforts. The company plans to release their service by October of this year.