The best ways to store your Canada cannabis for freshness and convenience.

You know how to find the best Canada-grown strains and how to buy weed online, but what do you do when it reaches your door? How do you store your weed? The stereotypical method of storing weed is a simple plastic baggie, but there are better ways to store your precious flower, shatter, wax, or oil.

Benefits of Proper Weed Storage

You spend your hard-earned cash on weed, plus you depend on it to help you out with your medical problems. Here’s how to make sure you get the most out of your cannabis stash.

Keeping Dry Herbs Potent

To keep them at their best flavor and potency, it’s important to keep your dry herbs away from UV light. That’s why a clear plastic baggie won’t cut it. Humidity is one of the quickest ways to damage your dry herbs, and a proper container will keep the humidity constant. Also, keeping your flower in an airtight container will keep the flavor in and the humidity out, and it has the bonus of keeping your stash smell-proof. That way, people won’t walk into your room and instantly smell your stash.

Protecting Your Concentrates

Shatter, oil, and wax is sticky. It’s easy for it to collect dirt and dust, and it can also get tainted by the oils and moisture from our hands. Plus, you can lose flavor and potency when you leave your concentrates out on the table. UV light and air exposure is damaging to your concentrates. Nobody wants their concentrates to get ruined in that way, so proper storage is a must! Another bonus of having your concentrate in a container is that it keeps it from warming up too much. When your concentrate stays at a cooler temperature, it’s much easier to handle.


Protecting Against Mold and Bacteria

Too high of a humidity level and uncovered weed leads to mold and bacteria colonization. We’re sure we don’t need to tell you twice… that is gross and unsafe!


Convenience When Traveling

You can get handy containers that are specifically made for traveling so that you can carry your flower or concentrate along with you wherever you go. A small storage container will even fit in your pocket. You won’t have to worry about spilling or leaking, which could be a big problem when traveling.


Eco Friendliness

Plastic bags don’t last for very long, and that means you have to keep tossing them out and getting new ones. That isn’t a very eco-friendly way to store your weed. Thankfully, a good storage container will last for many years, even under heavy use. You’re helping the environment and you don’t have to go out and purchase more bags.

How to Pick the Best Weed Storage Container

Dry Herbs or Concentrate?

First, you need to know that there are different containers depending on whether you use dry flower or concentrate. When you get a container at a weed shop or online, it will say whether it’s designed for flower or concentrate. Both are generally designed to be airtight and smell proof, since that’s equally important no matter your method of smoking cannabis. Containers that are made for concentrate will be more leak-proof, since you definitely don’t want to lose any oil if the container gets jostled around in your bag or your pocket!


Humidity Control

Simple containers will just make sure your weed is tightly sealed off from the elements, but picking a container with humidity control allows you to go a step further! Cannabis stays freshest at a very specific humidity (about 55% to 62% relative humidity), so many containers allow you to keep that humidity constant. This is great if you have a little more room in the budget and if you are serious about keeping your high-quality bud… well, high-quality. Just note that this will probably require you to buy a new humidity pack every couple months, but those don’t cost a whole lot and they will go a long way toward keeping your bud (or shatter) as fresh, clean, potent, and flavorful as possible!