January 4th, 2018

Here’s what you should know about the proposed Canada marijuana legalization laws.

Canada marijuana legalization is controversial enough, but they’re taking it a step further by proposing a minimum age of 18— three years lower than the United States minimum age of 21. This has some parents and health experts concerned.

The Benefits of a Lower Minimum Age in Canada
According to advocates of this decision, lowering the legal age to 18 will keep teenagers from engaging in criminal activity and will reduce the possibility of a black market. Since so many 18 to 24-year-olds smoke pot, this will keep kids from engaging in illegal activities early in life.

Colorado’s State Representative, Jonathan Singer, is publicly in favor of a legal age of 18. He thinks it will help stamp out the black market. However, his state still has the age at 21.

The Drawbacks of Canada Marijuana Legalization for 18 Year Olds
There are still many people who think weed isn’t safe for young and developing brains. Parents are highly concerned, and there are even health experts who speak publicly against cannabis use, especially in young people. They are concerned that not every 18-year-old is mature enough to use marijuana safely and responsibly.

It’s true that lowering the legal age would normalize weed even more. Some think that it could lead to widespread cannabis addiction and make it harder for young people to be successful in college and careers.

What We Think About the Canada Weed Debate
We know for a fact that marijuana is safe when used correctly. Even if you happen to overdo it, the worst thing that can happen is some strong side effects—it certainly won’t kill you like so many other substances, some of which are completely legal—tobacco and alcohol, we’re looking at you!

We believe that lowering the legal age to 18 is fine, as long as kids are taught about responsible cannabis use. That will keep the parents happy, knowing that their kids have been taught about the potential health risks. It won’t be hard to implement into public school curriculum because schools are already teaching health classes that cover similar topics.

Just because the United States has chosen to set its age at 21 (the same as the country’s legal drinking age) doesn’t mean that Canada has an obligation to do the same. There’s not a magic change that occurs at the age of 21 that suddenly makes young adults more mature and responsible. Eighteen-year-olds are considered adults in so many other ways, and it seems like we can trust them to use weed—especially if they are well educated on its proper use.

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